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Slaughter's Marauders is a G.I. Joe subgroup led by Sgt. Slaughter that specializes in rapid offensive attacks. The teammemebers' uniforms are a green, brown, and blue camouflage version of their original outfits. The vehicles used by Slaughter's Marauders are heavily refitted G.I. Joe tracked vehicles.


A Real American Hero (1989)


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  1. In European markets as well as markets in India, Sgt. Slaughter went under the name of "Sgt. Smasher." Also, The India version was made of a lower quality plastic.
  2. The European version of Slaughter's Marauders Low-Light was slightly different from the U.S. version. The blues and greens were brighter, the rivets were unpainted, and the figure featured a "Made In China" stamp on the back waist.

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