Centurion is a human-built mechanoid who fought alongside the Autobot Transformers and then in battle alongside Action Force.


Action Force (British) continuity

Centurion was rebuilt by Wheeljack on the orders of Grimlock, despite many Autobots being injured. Because of this Wheeljack resented the order, dismissing Centurion as an "ancient relic",[1] a remark which the mechanoid took to heart.[2] When Blades reported that he had discovered a Transformer's life signs in London, Grimlock and Centurion set off for the city.[3] There they discovered the life sign was the rampaging Decepticon Megatron and fought him,[4] though Centurion was soon overcome[5] and he stood watching the battle, remembering a previous battle with Megatron in a city that ended in Megatron beating him badly.[6] Reflecting on Wheeljack's comment, Centurion felt he was just a joke and an "ancient relic".[7] But when Flint ordered an air strike by Skystrikers that seemed certain to kill Grimlock as well as Megatron, Centurion came to life. With the help of Blades he took over the battle from Grimlock, who was dragged clear by Blades. Centurion held Megatron in position long enough for the air strike to hit. Their blazing bodies fell into the Thames. Later Blades told Flint and Wild Bill that it wasn't just friendship that made Centurion take Grimlock's place. Centurion wanted to make amends for being repaired ahead of others and give life to others by taking out Megatron in an ancient relic's last blaze of glory. Flint responded that Centurion wasn't an ancient relic but an "old soldier... and, as such, I salute him."[8]


  • Much of Centurion's background is not covered in his appearance in the "Ancient Relics!" crossover story and so is detailed here:
    • The US government agency "Intelligence and Information Institute" (Triple-I) constructed a non-sentient robot to battle Transformers and kidnapped the scientist Professor Anthony Morris, who had developed a machine that could control robots, to operate Centurion. However Morris rebelled and as Centurion sided with Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots.[9] Subsequently Centurion was destroyed by the Decepticon Galvatron.[10]
  • A point of confusion has arisen as there is no sign of Morris or any hint that Centurion is now anything other than an independent sentient entity in "Ancient Relics!"[11]


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