Clive Reston is a character from the Marvel Universe who also appeared in the Action Force weekly series.
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Clive Reston is an enemy of Fu Manchu who fought a long war against him alongside Shang-Chi.


Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Clive Reston was a smooth talker and had some "very interesting relatives". He joined Shang-Chi, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Petrie and Black Jack Tarr in the war against Fu Manchu.[1]


  • Clive Reston is one of the few characters from the Marvel Universe to have appeared in an Action Force or G.I. Joe story. Normally the two are treated as completely separate continuities.
  • Clive Reston's appearance in "Meditations in Red" served to introduce Shang-Chi in preparation for a reprint of his adventures from Master of Kung Fu volume 1 #29 to #31 in Action Force issue #18 to issue #29.
  • Clive Reston's "very interesting relatives" are intended to be his father, James Bond, and his great uncle, Sherlock Holmes, but due to copyrights this is only implied, never stated outright.

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