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Cloudburst is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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It can be speculated that the very reason Cloudburst joined the Joe Team was to be able to test and see in action the very gliders he has designed. The person who thought that wouldn't find himself wrong. Cloudburst is constantly finding ways to improve the Air Commando gliders, trying to reduce drag and improve radar resistance. He truly believes in the tactic of a silent covert air insertion into enemy territory.


A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

Cloudburst was mentioned (but not seen) in one issue in 1991: #118.

Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Animated continuity - DIC series


Generation 1
Cloudburst 1991 A Real American Hero (1991)

Cloudburst was released on the 1991 series of A Real American Hero toys. Despite coming with a vehicle, the figure was carded, as the Air Commando gliders were sold that way.

Appearance: yellow helmet with chinstrap; yellow shirt with black vest and yellow straps; white gloves; white pants with yellow shin coverings and pink pads on sides of legs

Accessories: transparent blue visor with nose notch and pins attaching to helmet; pink machine gun with short, L-shaped stock and grip and long, angled magazine; purple hang glider. page/Filecard


  • Prototype codename was "Spindrift."

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