|BriefSynopsis=Cobra gains control of the world's animal population to use against Earth's nations!



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|MemorableQuotes1="To fail me is fatal."

--Cobra Commander, full of himself.

"I will bring the world down upon your heads!"
"That dude's one real fun guy, ain't he?"

--Wild Bill enjoys Cobra Commander's latest televised threat.

"Spare us your attempts at gallantry, fool; they are quite pointless!"

--Cobra Commander to Ripcord, after the latter objects to the Commander touching Scarlett.

|Glitches1=*Why are brown-hued rhinos, indigenous to Africa, holding London captive?

|Errors1=*Due to the episodes being shown out of production order, Snake-Eyes is wearing his midnight navy fatigues, even though in the "Pyramid of Darkness" miniseries and "Red Rocket's Glare" he wore his newer blue-gray uniform.


  • According to the production codes, this was the first episode produced.
  • Cobra Commander and Doctor Lucifer seal their bargain with a left-handed shake.
  • Scarlett is afraid of spiders.
  • The buttons on Dr. Lucifer's control panel include:
    • bear
    • lion
    • horse
    • bat
    • elephant
    • dog[1]
    • bird
    • cat
    • shark
    • hippo
    • camel
    • elk
    • snake
    • toad
    • giraffe
    • kangaroo
    • gorilla
    • pig
    • and many others, including a grasshopper and a fish.
  • The prisoners Cobra Commander wants released are:
    • Doctor Lasko
    • Victor LaHan
    • Hercule the Mad Assassin
    • Professor Attila
  • Freedom and Timber can roll their eyes back in their heads at will.
  • Whose bright idea was it launch dogs out of airplanes?



  1. In order to save production costs, Dr. Lucifer is only animated pressing one button. Therefore, the animal on it changes each time it's shown. It is first used on Junkyard, and so displays a dog. It is next used on the whales.


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