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Cobra Mortal is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero continuity - Devil's Due

Cobra Mortal is intercepted by the G.I. Joe team during the assassination attempt on a chechen rebel leader in Derbent, Dagestan. He jumps from the rooftop he's on, lands on a neighboring roof and runs away. Gung-Ho follows him, but when they have each other at point blank range, Cobra Mortal shoots Gung-Ho's ear. Gung-Ho answers by beating him with his rifle, but Cobra Mortal throws his shades that end being a concealed explosive device that allows him to escape. However, Wild Bill corners him at a pier and Shipwreck ambushes him from underwater, trapping him.[1]

Cobra Mortal's name was later shown as part of the "escapees" list due to Tomax's raid on the Coffin.[2]

Cobra Mortal next appears facing Budo in China, accompanied by Vypra who fights Jinx.[3]

Cobra Mortal last appears in the final battle against G.I. Joe, being head-butted by Gung-Ho.[4]


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