|BriefSynopsis=Cobra attacks the world's oil reserves.



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|Glitches1=*A coloring error renders Duke's American flag (on his right sleeve) uncolored throughout the episode.

|Errors1=*Assuming that a cloaking device operates merely to render an object invisible to radar, or renders it totally invisible as it does in the episode, unless Cobra has also taken control of the tankers, there's no reason why they cannot just continue on to their destination and make port.

  • Would a mere six tankers full of oil really be the world's "last hope", as Colonel Sharp says?

|ItemsOfNote1=*First appearance of Deep Six.

  • The biggest episode for several characters: Ace, Major Bludd, Deep Six, Torpedo, Colonel Sharp, and Sparks have more lines here than anywhere else.
  • This episode features the only decent look at a H.I.S.S. Driver.

|RealWorldRefs1=*Cobra's hidden base is in Patagonia, a region located at the southern end of South America.



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