Cobra broadcasts a telethon in order to sponsor its criminal endeavors.

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"Keep the phones busy, darlings!"

--The Baroness, all decked out in a slinky evening dress, hoping the public can keep Cobra's operations afloat with the donations.

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

Continuity errors

  • The entire Cobra high command is at the telethon, save for Serpentor. Why would Serpentor allow all his lieutenants to congregate in one spot? A well-placed G.I. Joe attack could capture or kill all of them in one fell swoop!
  • Cobra leaves a single B.A.T. to guard their computer virus at Anasazi, an appalling lack of security for such an important location.
  • Not only that, there's no computer tech or IT guy around in case something goes wrong.
  • Low-Light shoots part of a building on the Dreadnoks such that they should be very flat and very dead yet they walk away from it seemingly unscathed.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Lifeline, a staunch pacifist, refuses to grab Sci-Fi's rifle when he offers it to save him from a pool of piranha. In other words, Lifeline would prefer a gory and painful death to grabbing a rifle being used as a stick!
  • It should be noted that all the Cobras dress up in tuxedos for the telethon, including Dr. Mindbender in a tuxedo complete with his cape!
  • After seeing the Baroness all decked out in a low-cut evening gown with thigh high slits, we can understand what Destro sees in her!
  • Befitting his decreased importance in the Cobra high command, Cobra Commander doesn't get any facetime in front of the cameras; he's stuck manning the phones!

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