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Cold Front is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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For most of his waking life, Cold Front is crazy about tanks. Since he was a wee little boy, his toy collection includes tanks of all eras. He bought and read up on all books that involve tanks and the strategies used in implementing them. He can get carried away so much that even just driving a regular car, he can't help but pretend he's in a tank rolling out on the battlefield. What happens is that no car lasts longer than two weeks in his hands. When he finally joined the Army, it was a no-brainer to put him in the 3rd Armored Division. With the constant obsession with tanks, one can't help but conclude that it had everything to do with being born and raised so near to Fort Knox where the test field is always fogged up by diesel fumes of heavy machines trudging the ground and the sound of fury their cannons bring.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due


Generation 1
Cold Front A Real American Hero (1990)

Cold Front was sold bundled with the Avalanche as part of the 1990 vehicle lineup. Like the other action figures sold with the vehicles in that year, he was very much ignored in all other media.

Appearance: white helmet; red hair; white snow suit with grey fur collar and gloves; grey straps and belt; brown gloves and thigh-high boots

Accessories: transparent yellow visor; bent white mic attaching to helmet; medium-sized white pistol with distinct trigger guard and sound suppressor. page/Filecard


  • Working names: Big Chill, Cold Wave, Sub-Zero, Perma-Frost, Cold War, Cold Steel
  • The 1990 catalog didn't even include a picture of him in the section promoting the Avalanche - it mentioned that a driver was included, but no name was given.
  • The prototype filecard said "He likes everything about tanks, because they are just like him: big, noisy and ugly!"

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