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The prodigals return. In Frusenland, Cobra deals with that country's difficult prime minister.

Detailed summary

Somewhere in Utah, an aircraft brings the recently freed Stalker, Snow Job and Quick Kick. The other Joes go to greet them, with Outback ashamed for having left them behind, even if it was following Stalker's orders. After the arrival and greetings, Stalker approaches Outback to assure him that there are no hard feelings. Scarlett and Snake-Eyes also return, and according to Hawk, Psyche-Out has declared them deranged by the effect of the land-mine blast on Grenada, as a plausible way to dismiss their violation of orders. Flint is angry at them for not letting Lady Jaye and him on it, but Lady Jaye punches him because she knows they didn't want to implicate them because they cared for them. Flint asks "[as] you do?" and they embrace.

In a helicopter along the coast of Frusenland, "Cobra Commander", the Baroness and Doctor Mindbender try to convince Prime Minister Wolff into buying more Terror Dromes to defend his country, but he doesn't want to keep dealing with Cobra as a weapon supplier. In fact, Frusenland has signed a pact with the USA to lease them arctic bases and weapon testing sites, and even the local minorities are kept happy. The Baroness keeps weapons warehoused in the country anyways, just in case. Later, when the three Cobra agents are on their own, they activate the already installed Terrordromes to emit paranoia rays that cause the locals to turn against each other. The Cobras make a toast to civil disoder, a need for a well armed militia, and the late Kwinn, who provided them with the paranoia rays. The resulting riots and revolution will create a market for Cobra's arm deals.

The next day, in San Francisco, Jinx, Billy, Storm Shadow and the Blind Master watch the riots on a store TV, when a boy snatches Jinx's purse, but is stopped by the Blind Master throwing his cane at him. A cop watches this, but the Blind Master assures him that the boy just tripped on his cane and grabbed Jinx's bag for support as he fell. Then the Blind Master offers the boy a honest job, as his guide around the city. Storm Shadow explains to Billy that the Blind Master knew that punishment alone would teach the kid nothing, but showing him that someone cared about him might make the difference. Punishment and revenge continue the cycle of violence, which the ninjas must abhor despite being warriors, just as doctors abhor disease. They must love the goal, not the means.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Wolff announces a new weapons pact with Cobra.


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians
  • Billy (29)
  • Blind Master (31)
  • Frusenhageners (27)
  • Hunters (21)
  • Prime Minister Volff (25)
  • Purse snatcher (32)
  • Reindeer herders (26)
  • San Francisco policeman (33)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian
  • Horses
  • Prime Minister's limo

Featured Locations

G.I. Joe Frusenland Others

  • Frusenhagen
    • Frusenhagen Port
    • Reindeer Festival
  • U.S. Military base
  • San Francisco

Memorable quotes


--Stalker is back to his old self.

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Items of note

  • First appearances: Tyronne, Prime Minister Volff, Frusenland
  • Lady Jaye and Flint become an official couple.
  • Hawk's comments about the prisoners spending five months in Borovia make it clear that the G.I. Joe comics occur in real time.
  • Baroness has a bandage on her forehead, after knocking herself out in G.I. Joe #65.
  • The Terror Dromes utilize the paranoia rays stolen by Kwinn the Eskimo way back in G.I. Joe #2.

Real-world references

  • Fred VII, in disguise as Cobra Commander, mentions Imelda and her shoes.
  • The purse-snatching kid is wearing a Van Halen T-shirt.
  • In the United Kingdom the story was reprinted in Transformers #274, #275, #276 & #277.

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