Comic Packs are packages of action figures that contain two or three figures and a comic book. These are often reprints from the G.I. Joe comic series originally published by Marvel Comics. Some Comic Packs released later in the Generation 3 line featured new stories by Larry Hama.

Originally introduced as part of the 2004 series of Valor vs. Venom's carded action figures, the concept proved popular enough that it was resurrected as part of the 2008 G3 line up. The concept involves select characters from the comic issue and design their action figures with designs styled after their appearances in the comic. For more information, see A Real American Hero (Hasbro comics).

Generation 2



Note: although some sets were originally online-exclusives through Hasbro's Direct-To-Consumer program and other online retailers, those sets were also available at Toys R Us stores in 2006.


Generation 3

Note: although the G3 Comic Packs started as reprints of Marvel issues with new covers, they soon branched out to "fill-in" issues. For more information, see A Real American Hero (Hasbro comics).



Destro (Resolute)
Shockblast (Resolute)
Tunnel Rat (Resolute)
Storm Shadow (Resolute)

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