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The Condor is a Cobra vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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Comic continuity

A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel

Animated continuity - DIC

The Condor made it's only animated appearance in Operation: Dragonfire (Part 4). Piloted by an Aero-Viper in the front and Serpentor in the back. The plane was taking Serpentor to the Lost City in South America to oversee the Dragonfire. The restored Cobra Commander sent Crimson Guard Scoop (undercover G.I. Joe) and Python Copperhead in their Python Conquest to take him prisoner, while revealing himself to Serpentor by video frequency.

The plane was the first target for Python Patrol. Serpentor got Copperhead to side with him by giving him a higher rank and split the Condor in two outnumbering Scoop. In the dogfight the front half of the Condor was accidentally shot down by Copperhead and Serpentor, while Copperhead's plane was destroyed by a falling tree. Alone and with Scoop on his tail Serpentor was force to eject resulting the back half to crash. All three pilots ejected before the plane's destruction.


Cobra Condor MISB C-9.5-
A Real American Hero (1989)


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