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Copperhead is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Live hard and fast. That very much sums up Copperhead's philosophy in life. According to sources, he stands by this philosophy so much that he failed to notice just how much deep he was in debt to his bookies. He is believed to be a speedboat driver who participated in races in Japan and Monaco. But he himself is a heavy gambler who bet on his own races and got himself deep in money trouble. Enter Cobra. The evil organization paid off his debts but this time he has to work for them to hold up his end of the bargain. With the amount of work he did for them, he should have been able to pay off his debt long ago. Apparently, old habits die hard and he would rather work for Cobra than face his bookies, anytime. It is presumed that he is a native of the Florida Everglades or at least familiar with the territory. As a swamp and jungle fighter, he is also familiar with territory within the Amazon basin.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Copperhead appears in the Devil's Due G.I. Joe series, providing nautical security for Cobra Island. The Joe rookie Barrel Roll is successfully inserted and extracted despite his best efforts. During the escape, Copperhead is almost killed when the Joe forces drop their escape craft on his vehicle. (Players and Pawns (Part 1), Players and Pawns (Part 2), Players and Pawns (Part 3))

In the America's Elite series, Copperhead is one of the Cobra operatives who pose as a new elite unit called Phoenix Guard. Copperhead is given the new codename "High Tide". Cobra Commander disguises himself as White House staff member Garret Freedlowe, and tricks General Rey into leading High Tide and his fellow Phoenix Guard against the Joes. Once the deception is revealed, Copperhead is captured by the Joes and imprisoned in The Coffin prison facility in Greenland.(After the Fall) He's freed alongside several others, during an assault on The Coffin led by Tomax.(Cleansing Fire) Copperhead later teams with Ghost Bear, and battles Torpedo and Wet-Suit in the waters along the East African coast.(Metamorphosis)

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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Battle Action Force

Copperhead first appears in Battle Action Force as a powerboat pilot who helps Cobra Commander escape from Duke. His appearance is almost a cameo, his only lines being "Here, Commander!" and "Karachi only a few kilometres away, Commander!"


Copperhead was part of the Cobra team who undertook the attempted kidnap of Ahmed Hassan, the first Ishmali ambassador to the United Kingdom. They actually captured a disguised Shipwreck. However Shipwreck eventually escaped.[1] Later he was part of a team involved in stealing a huge diamond in Amsterdam to power a laser, but Cover Girl and an Action Force team recaptured the diamond and took the laser.[2]

Animated continuity

Cooperhead from the Sunbow version of A Real American Hero animated continuity.

Sunbow animated series

Copperhead was used very sparingly in the Sunbow version of the series appearing in only about 4 episodes.

DiC animated series

Cooperhead as he appeared in the first few episodes of the DiC series.

After the return of Cobra Commander, Copperhead is the only individual Cobra warrior (the others being Troopers and other generics) who becomes part of the newly formed Python Patrol, therefore being their de facto leader.


Generation 1
Copperhead A Real American Hero (1984)

The original Copperhead was released in 1984, and was packaged with the Cobra Water Moccasin. There were two variants of the figure, concerning the color of green used on its gloves and helmet.

Appearance: blue-green helmet, vest, and pants; light green trim on helmet and pants; light-green armbands and gloves; black holsters, belt and boots.

Accessories: none.

Variations: Early production runs of Copperhead had blue-green gloves and armbands, with no helmet trim.[3] page/Filecard

Python Copperhead A Real American Hero (1989)

Copperhead was redecoed in 1989 as part of the Python Patrol and was this time available as a single-carded figure.

Appearance: yellow and black helmet; yellow-green shirt and pants with yellow criss-cross pattern; black vest, gloves, holster, and boots; red vest holster; yellow waistpiece

Accessories: black 'Leatherneck' backpack; black "Leatherneck M-16/203. page/Filecard

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Official G.I. Joe Collector's Club Exclusive (2007)
The third Copperhead was available only as an Official G.I.Joe Collectors' Club membership exclusive figure. This Copperhead features a removable helmet. Unlike his depiction in the Devil's Due comics, the Official G.I.Joe Collectors' Club Copperhead has red hair.
2007 filecard


  • Copperhead never appeared in any of the U.S. G.I. Joe comics published by Marvel Comics though a similarly named - but altogether unrelated - Cobra Trooper appeared in issue #7.

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  3. This rare variant is often called "Dark-gloves Copperhead."

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