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Crystal Ball is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero IDW comics continuity.
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Crystal Ball is a high-ranking member of Cobra, and has been called the organization's "Inquisitor General."



There are no threats in this room. Threats are for the stupid and the weak. And there is only truth here, because lies are for the desperate and the lost.

—Crystal Ball sets the record straight, "Scales"

After an important R&D project was destroyed by an undercover G.I. Joe agent,[1] Cobra High Command sent Crystal Ball to lead an inquiry into the situation. He summoned the Paoli twins and Erika La Tene for questioning, asking Ms. La Tene if she had helped the agent in his endeavors. When she replied that she hadn't, he gave a quick psychological profile of her, then sent her on her way, to finish his meeting with the brothers.[2]


Crystal Ball IDW eyes

Crystal Ball has creepy eyes!

  • Writer Mike Costa told The USA Today about the character:
We have a lot of opportunity to take things that are beloved but inherently silly, and really find the pieces that really could work.... I loved the idea of a Svengali-like villain, someone who was so creepy and magnetic. He doesn't have supernatural powers, but it doesn't matter. He's so good at manipulating people that he might as well have.

—Mike Costa saves another goofball from the trash heap.[3]

  • Crystal Ball's eyes seem to change color sometimes, turning all-black with brown irises.
  • The character's appearance and style of dress seems to be based on Alan Moore.

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