As the riots in Frusenland continue, the Joe team moves in to help protect the secret U.S. research base.

Detailed summary

At Frusenland international airport, the Baroness leads several HISS tanks to shoot down a G.I. Joe transport, which manages to land anyways, and Hawk sends Back-Stop and Cover Girl in the Persuader to clear the runway. The AWE Striker and the Snow Cat also drive out of the transport. The Baroness has the tanks change their target to the three land vehicles. Cover Girl shoots the HISS Tank at the left of the Baroness' one, which causes a collision that allows the Joes to spread out and head to the tundra to regroup.

In the harbor, Doctor Mindbender assures Prime Minister Wolff that Cobra is keeping the local revolts in check, when the Baroness calls to mention their skirmish with the G.I. Joe team, and Wolff finds unacceptable that they fired on Americans, with Mindbender reminding him that, since all Cobra troops are technically acting on his orders, he is in this up to his neck.

Along the coast, a Techno-Viper reminds "Cobra Commander" that the Cobra personnel must wear special mufflers at all times in Frusenland to not be affected by the paranoia waves. The Commander asks if the Techno-Viper was on the development team of the project, but the Techno-Viper answers that the Commander himself was the one who bought the original plans from the eskimo to be later modified by Doctor Venom, and the conversation almost blows Fred's cover until a Tele-Viper reports an emergency signal from the Baroness, so they take Mambas to the tundra.

Blocker and Blaster watch the Mambas take-off and reunite with Avalanche and Dodger, who are fighting each other over supper and Blocker joins the fight. Maverick arrives, but Blaster warns him not to take his helmet off, as it and Blaster's music headphones prevented them to be affected by the paranoia waves, and then they use radio music to disrupt the paranoia waves affecting the others.

Meanwhile, out on the tundra, the Mambas attack the Joes, who are disoriented and arguin due to the paranoia waves. The Baroness' unit approaches while Frostbite's Snow Cat shoots down the Commander's Mamba, so he gets on board the Barones' HISS and orders the Maggots to form a barrage, but their firepower misses the Joes and makes the ice too weak to support the Maggots and HISS tanks, so they continue with just the WOLFs. The remaining Mamba blows the AWE Striker up, but Hawk and Iceberg manage to jump to the Snow Cat, and Cover Girl shoots the Mamba down. The vehicle battle continues until the arrival of Battleforce 2000, which form their vehicles into a defensive fortress and inform Hawk about the paranoia waves, so they radio Duke, who has left in a LCV, about it. Then Frostbite notices Cobra reinforcements in the form of more Maggots and FANGs.

Prime Minister Wolff is stopped by rioters... who suddenly don't feel that angry anymore and stop their revolting. Then Duke arrives in the LCV and tells Wolff about the paranoia waves.

On the ice shelf, the Baroness is about to annihilate the Joes when Doctor Mindbender calls her with the news that the USA have made a deal with Wolff and Cobra has 24 hours to clear off out the country. The Baroness leaves, frustrated, while Hawk sights in relief.


Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians
  • Frusenlanders
  • Prime Minister Volff (14)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra

  • Frusenland International Airport
  • Frusenland Harbor

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  • On page 10, Avalanche and Dodger call each other by the wrong names.
  • On page 16, Hawk calls Iceberg by his own name.
  • The Ice-Vipers' uniforms are colored blue, instead of white.
  • Baroness orders the W.O.L.F.s' Ski-Missiles into firing position, but that's not what gets fired.
  • The Dominator snow tank is absent from the lineup of Battle Force 2000 vehicles. Its driver, Avalanche, serves as shotgun for Blocker in the Eliminator.

Items of note

  • First Appearances: Avalanche, Blaster, Blocker, Dodger, Eliminator, Frostbite, Future Fortress, Ice-Viper, Iceberg, Knockdown, LCV, Marauder, Maverick, Sky Sweeper, Snow Cat, Vector, Vindicator, WORMS
  • Baroness' H.I.S.S. is number 666.
  • In the United Kingdom the story was reprinted in Transformers #278, #279, #280 & #281.

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