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Cyber-Vipers are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero series.
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Dr. Mindbender's Mega Monsters aren't bright. It takes a particular type of trooper willing to risk life and limb controlling these creatures as well as giving up a bit of their humanity. The Cyber-Viper is equipped for the task what with enhanced reflexes and thought process. Say what you will, but we think more of them as glorified lab assistants.


A Real American Hero continuity - Marvel


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Generation 1
Cyber-Viper 1993 Mega Marines (1993)

The Cyber-Viper was sold carded in 1993 as part of the Mega Marines subline of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: yellow helmet and visor; grey vest with red shoulder armor and strap; yellow left armband and glove; yellow-green wristbands; red pants with yellow-green belt and left leg covering; grey boots

Accessories: grey "Voltar" submachine gun; grey "Toxo-Viper" rifle; grey "Rock-Viper" machine gun; grey "Incinerator" flamethrower; neon yellow "'93 Cobra Commander" spring-loaded missile launcher with neon yellow trigger; two grey "Alley Viper" missiles; neon green Bio-Armor mold; grey figure stand. page/Filecard

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