The name Deep Six refers to several versions of the same character.
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Deep Six is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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If Torpedo finds himself often alone, it's because of his attitude. If it's Deep Six, it's because that's just the way he prefers it to be. A real loner, he often engages in solitary activities and interests namely bottlecap collecting, solitaire and crossword puzzles. He does not bother to get to know his teammates and much less their names but his loyalty is unquestionable.

Deep Six's isolationist nature is what has made him the best deep water diver there is. When asked why he wanted to be a Navy diver, his reply was so that, "I could be alone." In the training for Navy divers, he was among the four remaining finalists. Of the four, he was the one who could hold his breath the longest.



A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity
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Devil's Due Comics continuity
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G.I. Joe Reloaded

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G.I. Joe vs. Transformers

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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

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Animated continuity

Sunbow animated series

Voiced by: Hal Rayle

Deep Six from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

Direct-to-video series

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Generation 1
Deep Six A Real American Hero (1984)

Deep Six is part of the 1984 series of A Real American Hero toys. He was packaged with the S.H.A.R.C. vehicle.

Appearance: red hair; clear dome helmet; large grey diving suit with yellow trim and dark grey shoulders, gloves, knee joints, and shoes

Accessories: large, black air pump with clear hose attaching to peg in the figure's back. page/Filecard

Deep Six v2 A Real American Hero (1989)

A new Deep Six action figure was released in 1989 featuring a more realistic deep sea suit design.

Appearance: red hair; green diving helmet base with grey tubing; light blue shirt with orange gloves; green waist armor with orange belt; light blue pants with orange pockets and green padding; silver boots

Accessories: orange diving helmet; large, black scuba backpack; grey laser rifle with scope and triangular stock; round, grey buoy; standard long, black hose. page/Filecard

Eco-Warriors Deep Six Eco-Warriors (1992)

Deep Six became part of the Eco-Warriors subset in 1992. He came with a dolphin companion, Finback.

Appearance: neon green helmet with blue faceplate; purple shirt with neon green chest panel; light purple gloves; purple pants with light purple knife; black gloves and boots.

Accessories: black "'89 Deep Six" speargun; grey dolphin; black figure stand.

Variations: A few (possibly only 24) early figures had a black and white killer whale instead of a dolphin. page/Filecard

"Menace in the Wilderness" Deep Six "Menace in the Wilderness" (1992)

Deep Six was available via mailorder in 1993, based on the '89 mold.

Appearance: red hair; black diving helmet base with gold tubing; neon yellow shirt with orange gloves; black waist armor with orange belt; neon yellow pants with orange pockets and black padding; gold boots

Accessories: neon yellow '89 Deep Six' helmet; gold '89 Deep Six' laser rifle; black figure stand. page/Filecard


  • The original "diving suit" version of Deep Six has the least articulation of any G.I. Joe action figure ever. He likes it that way, because it means you'll leave him alone.

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