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Destro appears in G.I. Joe: Renegades voiced by Clancy Brown. Formerly known as James McCullen, he was the head of the weapons manufacturing company M.A.R.S. Industries until he lost it in a "hostile takeover" by "Adam DeCobray" of Cobra Industries. He is shown to be on friendly terms with the Baroness, though the extent of their relationship is more than just friendly business.


McCullen collaborated with Scrap-Iron in capturing war veterans from the street in order to find the right brainwaves that would help in the mass production of Exo-Armors, which were built around manipulating the "fight-or-flight" instinct, for Cobra Industries. Tunnel Rat ended up being one of the victims. Later, Roadblock was a victim and McCullen found a suitable match in his brainwaves. When G.I. Joe arrived and disabled the controls on the exo-armor, Roadblock lunged towards McCullen and Scrap-Iron, who narrowly escaped (Scrap-Iron being injured when Roadblock deflected a final missile from McCullen) in their helicopter.[1]

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Adam DeCobray had McCullen collaborate with Doctor Mindbender in order to have the Bio-Viper combine with the Exo-Armor. McCullen wasn't pleased with working with Doctor Mindbender and even disguised himself to leak information about their experiments to G.I. Joe. McCullen even showed Adam DeCobray and Baroness the Achilles' Heel of the Bio-Vipers when he unleashed the exo-armors.

While the betrayal probably would have happened sooner or later, McCullen eventually made the mistake of trying to play hardball with DeCobray, suggesting 10,000 Exo-Armors as a pre-order (with a 50% down payment) before he would work with them any more. Doctor Mindbender then revealed McCullen's competition with him and how he disguised himself to tip off G.I. Joe of Doctor Mindbender's activities. As McCullen began to realize what he had gotten himself into, Cobra Commander shortly revealed his true self, sicced his giant cobra named Serpentor on McCullen, and forced a metallic mask onto him that only he, Cobra Commander, could remove. Cobra Commander declared that McCullen was now his property, McCullen and M.A.R.S. Industries were absorbed into Cobra Industries, and McCullen himself was given his family's name for those who embarrass or shame the family: Destro.[2]


Destro and the Baroness

Destro set a trap for the Joes, and invited Baroness to dinner, where he revealed his feelings for her and offered her the captive Joes as a gift. Later, what started as a lovely night ended in another failure for both Destro and Baroness when the Joes escaped and sabotaged Destro's rocket launch.[3]

Destro's last recorded meeting with the Joes came in "Revelations", when he personally attacked the Joes with a prototype HISS Tank. While he gave them several close calls, the battle ended when a stray shell detonated in the tank's cockpit. His fate remains unknown.


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