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Destro is a Cobra character in the Sigma 6 series.
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When a team of oceanographers stumble upon Cobra's submarine mining operation on accident, Destro takes them as hostages. When Duke arrives to save them, Destro calls the BATs off to destroy Duke using remote-controlled robot sharks. Duke avoids the sharks, gets into the submarine base and causes the breaking of one of the mining structure's legs, which render the base unstable. The Cobra troops evacuate, but Duke stops Destro before he gets onboard his submarine. They fight underwater and Destro seems to have the upper hand until Duke takes the remote controller for the sharks, which Duke sends to attack Destro. 14 hours later, a battered Destro resurfaces at Tumon Bay Beach, in need of a vacation.

Animated continuity


The 8" Destro figure is clad in Cobra blue, with the iconic red collar, and a vac-metalized head mold. A repainted "Crime Boss" version of this figure was released shortly before the line's demise in 2007.



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