The Joes, Destro, Kwinn and Scar-Face all head to Coney Island where a deadly showdown ensues.

Detailed summary

At Coney Island, Stalker notices that a plane is sporting the Cobra insignia. Hawk checks a cab with his binoculars and finds Scar-Face, then explains to the other Joes that Snake-Eyes (presumed dead for a while) sent a post-card telling Hawk to come to Coney. To confirm that it's genuine, Hawk hands the post card to Scarlett, who reads the post-script with something that only Snake-Eyes would know. Rock 'n Roll and Torpedo take on the MANTA. Destro is in the plane from the beginning, and after sighting the Joes, he tells his pilot to return to Springfield while he handles this personally.

The Joes se Destro leaving the plane and heading for the coaster utility shed that Scar-Face calls home. Scar-Face notices Destro and starts up the roller coaster to run over Destro, but Destro blows it up with his wrist rockets. Kwinn and Snake-Eyes arrive and interrogate Scar-Face about Dr Venom's whereabouts. After he tells them what they want, Kwinn gives him the keys of the cadillac. Destro tries to reach the escaping Scar-Face, but the G.I. Joe team reach the shed and get into a firefight against Destro, who escapes them to pursue Scar-Face. Kwinn gives Snake-Eyes the option of waiting for his friends or go with him to find Dr Venom, and when Scarlett and Stalker enter the shed, it's empty.

Destro steals an ice-cream truck to pursue Scar-Face in the cadillac, and the Joes go behind them in the APC. Rock 'n Roll shoots the ice-cream truck, but the insulation makes it like an armored car, so he then shoots the tires of the cadillac, which crashes and Scar-Face is caught by Destro. The Joes try to follow them, but they are stopped by an explosion caused by a gas leak from the cadillac.

Destro convinces Scar-Face that they need to travel, so they hijack a passenger plane and call Libya to offer the plane in exchange of landing clearance for them and a supersonic transport form Springfield that should pick them up. Upon arrival, Scar-Face is surprised to find Dr Venom, who innoculates him. The Joes follow to Libya, and their aerial recon shows a secret Cobra base in Libya, called Mizda, 100 miles south of Tripoli. At Tripoli, Scar-Face overhears Cobra Commander, Destro and Dr Venom talking about Scar-Face being injected with a toxin that has made him a biological time-bomb, with a dormant virus to eradicate G.I. Joe, and if Scar-Face is not in the Joes' hands within two weeks, they will have to kill him themselves.

After the G.I. Joe team's landing, they find a Cobra convoy en route from Tripoli to Mizda. The Joes reach Cobra, and Hawk jumps from the VAMP to the HISS where Scar-Face is, knocks him down and snatches him while an aerial attack causes a distraction.

The Joes decide to take Scar-Face to their headquarters, not knowing that they haven't won but instead fallen in the Cobra trap...


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians
  • Beach bunnies (14)
  • Kwinn (11)
  • Murray
  • Timmy (12)
  • Timmy's mom (13)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian Others
  • Boeing 747
  • Ice cream truck
  • Pink Cadillac
  • C-140 cargo plane
  • Submarine

Featured Locations

Civilian Military
  • Coney Island
  • Kennedy Airport
  • Tripoli
  • Tripoli Airport
  • McGuire Air Force Base

Memorable quotes

So the mighty Destro thinks he's gonna fix my wagon, huh? Well, I've got something for him...
-This would become Scar-Face's filecard quote.

Other notes


  • Why is the story called "Destro Returns"? He never left.
  • In Hawk's roll call on page 14, when he calls out Ace's name, Torpedo is shown. Not only is Torpedo's name not called but the very next panel makes it explicit that he is not supposed to be present for this scene.
  • Why would Torpedo be useless in the desert? His scuba gear might be, but Torpedo himself is a a navy SEAL and should be able to handle just about any kind of operation.

Items of note

  • First Appearances: M.A.N.T.A.
    • In fact, the only appearance of the M.A.N.T.A.
  • Two pegs are visible on the closeup shot of the M.A.N.T.A. These are the pegs on the toy where a G.I. Joe action figure's feet plug in.
  • Dr. Venom's toxin finally goes to work.
  • Cobra wins!

Real-world references

  • One of the guys on the subway thinks the three-way car chase is like The French Connection
  • Destro compares the Joes catching Scar-Face to the men of Troy getting the Trojan Horse, and himself to Agamemnon.

Footnotes and References

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