This article is about the story from Marvel Comics UK - for the comics issue from the Marvel Comics US series, see Divided We Fall.

Action Force and G.I. Joe discover that as two separate teams they cannot defeat Cobra.

Issue summary

In the Cobra headquarters Cobra Commander plays a video showing an Action Force convoy coming under heavy fire and being out-gunned by Cobra. Destro reports that the same problem afflicts Action Force's American counterpart G.I. Joe. Cobra Commander gloats that Cobra is crushing both its enemies because they are divided and weak whilst Cobra is strong enough to take the world.

At a meeting of the two teams the same conclusion is reached. Hawk and Flint explain how working independently they have been unable to come to each other's aid in time to turn the battle. The two announce the creation of "G.I. Joe the Action Force", combining forces to defeat Cobra!

Featured Characters

Action Force G.I. Joe Cobra

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Action Force Cobra


Items of note

  • This mini-comic was distributed through toy shops and also given away with both Transformers #245 and The Incredible Hulk Presents #8 to explain the toyline (and comics) changing the name from "Action Force" to "G.I. Joe the Action Force".
  • It is hard to place this in the regular Action Force continuity as previous Action Force comics had always presented the American and European teams as being the local branches of a single organisation called "Action Force" instead of the two separate teams they are here presented as. Additionally the comic depicts Cobra under the leadership of the battle-suited Cobra Commander (with no reference to his actual identity) containing Destro and Raptor, a status quo different from the regular strips.
  • The fourth page of the comic contained a copy of the "Trans-Atlantic Treaty" signed by Hawk and Flint, with a space for readers to sign their own name.


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