The name Dr. Mindbender refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Dr. Mindbender.
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Dr. Mindbender is the mad young genius in charge of Cobra's secret Bio-Viper project. He is also routinely assigned to other projects.



Prior to joining Cobra, the young Brian Bender was already wanted by the FBI for "crimes against nature", making him a fugitive from the law. Unlike the Joes, however, his crimes were very real.

Eventually, Bender was hired by Cobra Industries to oversee their covert Bio-Viper project, where he conveniently spent most of his working hours in underground laboratories developing his artificial creatures. While he showed very little empathy for his fellow human beings, Bender, codenamed "Dr. Mindbender", developed an odd affection for his creations.


  • There have been no toys of this version of Dr. Mindbender.


  • As revealed during a panel with the Renegades writers at Toy Fair 2011, Hasbro's number one question in regards to Dr. Mindbender is "when are you guys going to give him the monocle and make him bald?" They're constantly suggesting that an accident could make his hair fall out, or being punched could ruin his eyesight. Obviously the company wants a more traditional take on the character. Due to the series' cancellation this doesn't seem likely to ever happen.

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