This article is about the three-wheeled murdercycle from the '80s; for the three-wheeled murdercycle from the movie continuity, see Doom Cycle.

The Dreadnok Cycle is a three-wheeled motorcycle from the A Real American Hero series.
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The "Dreadnok Cycle" is the Dreadnoks' anti-personnel rapid deployment vehicle. It weighs 1,172 lbs, has a maximum speed of 88 mph, and a maximum range of 220 miles.


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Comics continuity[]

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Animated continuity[]

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Generation 1
Dreadnok Cycle A Real American Hero (1987)

The Dreadnok Cycle was first available boxed in the 1987 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: motorcycle with black engine and wheels, red tubing and handlebars, blue hood, and purple front fork; supports purple gun turret with cannon on red swivel.

Catalog Description: "The Dreadnoks scavenged junkyards in search of the perfect Dreadnok fighting machine! Features rolling wheels, pivoting front fork, rotating turret, and elevating cannons! (Figures sold separately.) Actual size: 8 1/2" l. x 5" w. x 5" h."

Associated Figures: Zandar and Zarana on box art and in the catalog; Monkeywrench, Zandar, Zarana, and 1987 Cobra Commander in the commercial. page/Blueprints

Generation 2
Dreadnok Rampage Cycle Dreadnok Rampage (2004)

The Dreadnok Cycle was next available at the 2004 Convention along with the Dreadnok Rampage set.

Appearance: motorcycle with grey engine and wheels, neon blue tubing and handlebars, grey hood, and front fork; supports neon blue gun turret with swiveling grey missile launcher.

Note: the launcher and missile molds were originally used in 1990 as part of the Hammerhead. page/Blueprints[1]


The vehicle mold was repainted or retooled for the following vehicles:

  • Ciclofera (1993) - The Ciclofera was released in Brazil, as part of the Forca Fera line by the Estrela toy company in 1993. At some point after 1993, Estrela exported the Ciclofera to Argentina.
  • Karate Chopper (1995) - part of the Street Fighter movie toyline.


  • G.I. Joe: Field Manual Vol 2

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  1. The blueprints provided with the 2004 convention vehicles are photocopies of the blueprints released with the original vehicles.

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