Cross Country, Mutt & Law get in a battle with the Dreadnoks in the New Jersey Marshes. The Thunder Machine is destroyed and Buzzer, Thrasher and Monkeywrench are captured. Meanwhile, Zarana and Zandar are running a Cobra scam for prospective real estate moguls.

Detailed summary

Cross-Country, Mutt and Law are on their way to a surveillance position in the H.A.V.O.C. but are caught in a traffic jam. When the driver in front abandons his car after it overheats, Cross-Country drives over it and decides to go off-road.

The trio notice a helicopter overhead dumping empty chocolate-covered doughnut bags and grape soda bottles. The culprits are the Dreadnoks, who have been ordered by Zartan to clean the hold. Zarana reflects on how their family are going up in the hierarchy: She and Zandar are running the real estate scam while Zartan is in charge of the Cobra consulate in New York City.

An honour guard of Vipers and Tele-Vipers is waiting to greet them but they quickly scatter when the Dreadnoks appear on their cycles. A Techno-Viper finds a bug on the satellite disc which Zartan crushes. At this, Main-Frame, Dial-Tone and Cover-Girl abandon their surveillance post in a newsagent's across the road.

Mutt, Cross-Country and Law have set up watch outside a Cobra-owned abandoned gas station, which they suspect is a Dreadnok hangout. Zarana tells the Dreadnoks to make themselves scarce while she and Zandar attend a seminar. Speeding along a highway, they come across an army convoy and randomly decide to attack it. After an exchange of fire, the Dreadnoks depart with a crate which they hope contains doughnuts.

The Joes hear a report of the raid over the radio but maintain position. Soon after, the Deadnoks turn up and Mutt realises the crate contains a wire-guided anti-tank missile. Thrasher senses the Joes' presence and Buzzer heads out on his bike to investigate. Junkyard makes a run to attract his attention and Buzzer chases him and strikes him with his chainsaw. Enraged, Mutt breaks cover and opens fire at the Dreadnoks.

The other Joes also attack and, seeing H.A.V.O.C., Monkeywrench and Thrasher head out in the Thunder Machine. Buzzer gets the missile launcher working but is attacked by Order, causing his shot to go wild. H.A.V.O.C. and the Thunder Machine, neither of which have weapons that can aim anywhere other than straight ahead, pursue each other into a circle, until finally Cross-Country manages to stop and turn fast enough to blast the Thunder Machine. Monkeywrench and Thrasher bail out and the remaining Dreadnoks flee, deciding they can blame it all on Buzzer.

Mutt drags Order away from Buzzer so he can have a go at him himself. Law appears carrying Junkyard, who was injured but will survive if seen by a vet. Mutt momentarily considers going easy on Buzzer, then kicks him anyway.


Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Others
  • Jersey drivers (5)
  • "Sarge" (21)
  • Fort Dix convoy (22)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian
  • Jersey traffic

Memorable quotes

"They should never have let those Dreadnoks into the organization! They give international terrorism a bad name!"

-- A random Techno-Viper

Buzzer: Keep that crazy animal away from me!
Mutt: I am!
Buzzer: I wasn't talking about the dog!

-- Buzzer belatedly recognizes that he has bigger problems than being mauled by Order

Other notes


  • Zandar wears his make-up to host a real estate seminar?
  • When they get to the gas station, Zanzibar's mustache disappears as he swigs a grape soda.
  • Page 14, panel 1, Law tells Mutt to go closer to the Dreadnok outpost to figure out what the Dreadnoks stole. But he just answered that question in the previous panel.

Items of note

  • The seminar Zandar and Zarana run is called "How to Become Filthy Rich from Real Estate Without Having Any Capital or Even Moderate Intelligence!"

G.I. Joe references

Real-world references

  • All the comics on sale at Sarge's newsstand are Marvel books:
    • Marvel Age
    • Invincible Iron Man
    • The Nam
    • Mighty Thor
    • G.I. Joe
    • X-Men
    • G.I. Joe Special Missions
    • Amazing Spider-Man
    • DP7
    • Daredevil
    • Air Raiders
    • Justice
    • Visionaries
    • Incredible Hulk

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