The battle for the M.A.S.S. elements takes to the skies over a live volcano!


In the previous episode, the canister that contained the red crystals turned out to possess a booby trap, releasing a gas that rendered most of the G.I. Joe Team unconscious, save for Cover Girl and Timber the wolf. She covers her nose and mouth with a moist cloth. With Timber's help, she loads the canister to a V.A.M.P. and hurls it onto the air before it explodes.

Afterwards, the Joes assess their capability to use their own M.A.S.S. Device. Dr. Vandermeer devised a meteor concoction to substitute for the final element. The M.A.S.S.'s ability to teleport works but not to the desired results as Gung-Ho's gun came back all bent out of shape. They will still need the real meteor rocks which can only be found in a volcano in South America, specifically the area called the Ring of Fire. A transmission breaks in where Stalker declares the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff's decision to surrender to Cobra.

Gigantic G.I. Joes? The Joes tried to fool Cobra with a set piece.

In the Cobra Temple, the transmission is intercepted and Cobra Commander rejoices at the announcement. His joy is short-lived as Destro will not be comforted until they gain the final element. Destro leaves to lead the mission to obtain the final element himself. The Commander decides to entertain himself by setting the giant slave, Ramar, to fight a robot. Selina looks on, hoping Duke would come for her soon. What the Commander does not know is that the transmission is actually a deception put up by the Joes.

Take a closer look. They're not Rattlers.

The Joes head to the South American volcano to commence Operation: Big Lift. The meteor is situated in the middle of the crater, surrounded by lava. With three helicopters and tow cables, they attempted to lift it out. However, the heat and weight of the meteor melted the magnets and tow cables. So more magnets and cables are deployed. At the same time, Destro and a squadron of Cobra jets arrive and immediately cut the Joes' cables. They then proceeded to concentrate at a certain point below the crater to cause the volcano to erupt and blow the meteor to the sky.

Meanwhile, Cobra Commander is becoming frustrated at the amount of time the surrender is taking. Stalker stalls for as long as he can. Suspecting a deception at hand, the Commander and Baroness aim the M.A.S.S.'s trajectory towards New York City. Only Selina's intervention saved the people from a fate in Cobra's hands by dousing the M.A.S.S. circuitry with water. In doing so, she forfeits what little freedom she has. The Commander is now distressed that the world will take his threats to be nothing but hollow.

Cobra is not ashamed to use G.I. Joe technology if it suits them. F.L.A.K.s are supposed to belong to the Joes.

A squadron Skystriker XP-14Fs and Dragonflies arrive, which forces several Cobras to break off from his squadron to intercept them. As they must concentrate their fire on the volcano, the Cobra jets are easy pickings for the Joes but three manage to survive. The effect is done and the volcano erupts throwing the meteor into the air where it is caught in a net by a Cobra Trawler heli-carrier. Scarlett, Wild Bill and Gung-Ho fly down in J.U.M.P.s to board the carrier. They are soon joined by other Joes and take the fight to Cobra.

Scarlett refuses to be outmatched.

Scarlett spots Destro making his way out of the battle and follows him. Destro takes as much element from the meteor as he can. Realizing he has been followed, he jumps on Scarlett and holds her hostage and make good his escape. Although tied up, Scarlett still makes an attempt to get out of her situation. She uses her feet to aim her crossbow at Destro only to hit the controls to his jet. Soon, the vehicle goes spinning out of control with both of them heading to certain doom.


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G.I. Joe Cobra


Airborne: "No way!"
Breaker: "You're putting us on, right, Stalk?"
Clutch: "You're out of your gourd!'
Scarlett: "Come off it, Stalker!"

--The Joes react to Stalker's news that the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have ordered G.I. Joe to unilaterally surrender to Cobra.

"The catalytic ingredient we need is to be found where the so-called 'Ring of Fire' emerges from the continent of South America. It is a center of extraordinary volcanic activity. More than 100,000 years ago, a gigantic meteorite survived entry into the Earth's atmosphere, plummeted into the crater known as the Devil's Cauldron. That meteorite is the lost source of the pure metallic compound which is our third missing element. It remains there still, in a deadly sea of red-hot lava."

--Write us a book, why don't you, Dr. Vandermeer?

"Hey! Wow! Far out!"
"What'd you see?"
"What'd you think I see, for Pete's sake? What are we lookin' for? If I say 'Hey! Wow! Far out,' I must have found it, right? Right."
"It's the meteorite!"

--Short-Fuze and Steeler, entrenched in a deep philosophical conversation.


Animation and technical errors

  • When Cover Girl is loading the canister into the V.A.M.P., there appear to be two Timbers: one in front of the V.A.M.P., and one in the passenger seat.
  • During their charge into Cobra's airship, Stalker is colored as a white man.

|===Continuity errors===

  • Snake-Eyes can't talk - how did Cover Girl know Timber's name?
  • How does Cobra Commander eat chicken legs with his silver mask on?
  • It's odd that Gung-Ho is piloting the Dragonfly XH-1, while Wild Bill is manning the door.
  • G.I. Joe F.L.A.K. cannons can be seen on the deck of Cobra's airship.
  • When the meteorite is cut loose, Clutch is shown piloting one of the Dragonfly helicopters and yells "look out, it's gonna hit!". In the next shot Clutch is at the door of the Dragonfly standing next to Breaker.
  • Tunneling into the base of a an active volcano and releasing some of its lava will trigger an eruption? Really?
  • Selina shorts out the controls of Cobra's M.A.S.S. Device, which somehow dissipates an energy bolt that's already been fired.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The scene with Gung-Ho's gun being teleported was cut from F.H.E.'s home video release of the series.
  • Stalker played a pumpkin in his school's Thanksgiving play. Awww!
  • Similar to the previous episode's proto-S.H.A.R.C.s, this episode feature what appear to be early designs for the Cobra Rattler; notice the pivot-wing VTOL design. In 2012, the G.I. Joe Field Manual named the fighters V.T.O.L. skirmishers.
  • The helicopters seen in this episode are not the standard Dragonfly XH-1 models, as they contain cargo areas that can accommodate the large magnets needed to raise the meteor, as well as multiple Joes.
  • Footage from this episode would be reused for the Rattler commercial.

Real world references


  1. Never named in the series, Cobra's heli-carrier was identified as a Trawler on the cartoon's model sheets, later seen in the G.I. Joe Field Manual.
  2. Likely based on early designs for the Cobra Rattler, these fighters were first named in the G.I. Joe Field Manual.
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