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The name Duke refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Duke.
Duke is a G.I. Joe character in the Resolute series.
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A leader is always in the position of making the tough calls and hard decisions. Duke, as the head of the G.I. Joe team, understands the burden of leadership all too well. When it's the duty of the team to respond to a threat against the world, Duke must be the one to make sure that the priorities are clear: the mission comes first and everything else comes a distant second. He demands a lot from his team, but doesn't ask anything of them that he isn't willing to give himself. His hard-won experience and unflinching determination have earned him the respect and loyalty of his team.



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This character doesn't have much of an established backstory. Unless contradicted by a canon source, you can assume their history mostly mirrors Duke (RAH)'s.


Generation 3
Duke Resolute 2009 A Real American Hero (2009)

Duke was released in 2009. Although released mixed in with other G3 A Real American Hero toys, the design of the figure and the logo at the top of the card make it clear this is based on Resolute.

Appearance: blonde, close-cropped hair; scar under right eye; tan short-sleeved shirt; black and gray elbow pads; brown gloves; grey pants with black straps on upper legs; black holster on left leg; black and gray kneepads; green canvas leggings; tan and brown boots

Accessories: green pocked vest with brown belt; black knife with silver blade; black pistol; black and silver rifle page/Filecard

Duke Resolute 2009 v2 A Real American Hero (2009)

Duke was released in 2009, as part of a boxed set tie-in for Resolute along with Cobra Commander, a B.A.T. and two Cobra Troopers.

Appearance: blonde, close-cropped hair; scar under right eye; gray short-sleeved shirt with darker grey camouflage; grey and silver elbow pads; silver technological harness; grey pants with black straps around the upper legs; black holster on left leg; black and silver kneepads; dark grey canvas leggings; grey and black boots.

Accessories: black and silver rifle; silver knife with black handle; black pistol; black parachute belt; black and silver helmet; black and silver jetpack with extendable wings page/Filecard

Duke Resolute 2010 G.I. Joe Battle Set (2010)

In 2010, a box set was released featuring Snake-Eyes, Beachhead, Duke, Flint, Scarlett, Roadblock and Stalker.

Appearance: blonde, close-cropped hair; scar under right eye; black headpiece with silver microphone; pale coat with brown pockets; black sleeves; mustard gloves; green pants with mustard straps; black and silver kneepads; brown leggings; mustard boots

Accessories: silver and black rifle, a black pistol, a black and silver knife. page/Filecard

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