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The Eels are a Cobra division from the A Real American Hero series.
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Cobra's Eels have some of the most rigorous training for underwater specialists. They are trained to operate in almost every aquatic environment, from shallow basins to lakes to shark-infested waters and even the frigid depths of the polar regions. In addition to the physical aspect of their training, they are expected to learn marine structural engineering and marine geology. Add ordnance training and underwater combat and you have some of the most effective underwater demolitions experts. When they're not on assignment, Eels serve on marine outposts and also augment personnel on Cobra naval vessels.



A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity
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Devil's Due Comics continuity
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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Eels formed part of the guard detail for an arms transaction between Cobra and Destro that took place on a boat in London's Docklands. One was overcome at captured by Footloose.[1] The Eel later escaped from his cell and passed himself off as a robot used in the Action Force training room before escaping the base.[2] Flint and Snake-Eyes pursued the Eel through the streets of London but he disguised himself with stolen street punk clothes and reached a helicopter piloted by Destro.[3]

In a computer simulation of a nightmare of Flint's, Eels were amongst the many Cobra agents who attacked him.[4] Back in the real world Eels were deployed on an operation in Venice.[5] Later a squad under the command of a Hydro-Viper successfully attacked a W.H.A.L.E. and captured a Tactical Analysis Computer System (T.A.C.S.) that contained the key to the Ministry of Defence secret files. They then fought a fierce underwater battle with an Action Force rescue team.[6]

Animated continuity

Sunbow animated series

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Cobra Eels from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

DiC animated series

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Generation 1
Eel 1985 A Real American Hero (1985)
An Eel was first available in the year 1985 of the A Real American Hero toys.----

Appearance: grey helmet; black and grey diving shirt with red chest and silver Cobra insignia; black gloves, belt, and knife; grey diving pants.

Accessories: black airtube; black scuba backpack with holes for airtube, hoses on sides, and detachable jets; black combination harpoon gun/laser rifle; two black swim fins.

Variations: The knife on Eel's ankle was painted on some figures and not on others. page/Filecard

Eel 1992 A Real American Hero (1992)
The second version of the Eel was available carded as part of the 1992 series of A Real American Hero toys.----

Appearance: neon yellow helmet with red visor; blue shirt with neon yellow chest armor and arm fins; blue pants with yellow belt and leg fins; blue boots.

Accessories: two silver Undertow flippers; bright yellow trident gun; silver shark-shaped missile launcher with removable fin, tail, and jaw; bright yellow missile; black figure stand. page/Filecard

Eel 1993 Battle Corps (1993)
In 1993, Eels joined the Battle Corps.----

Appearance: neon yellow helmet with red visor; purple shirt with neon yellow chest armor and arm fins; purple pants with yellow belt and leg fins; purple boots

Accessories: red "Voltar" submachine gun; red "Toxo-Viper" rifle; red "Rock-Viper" machine gun; red "Incinerator" flamethrower; neon yellow "'93 Cobra Commander" spring-loaded missile launcher with red trigger; two red "Alley Viper" missiles; neon yellow "Undertow" flippers; red figure stand. page/Filecard

Generation 3
A Real American Hero (2008)

The updated version of the Eel is based on the original 1985 figure, with a grey, black and red wetsuit. page/Filecard


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