Einsargen Subterranean Prison

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Einsargen Subterranean Prison is a secret underground prison in Germany run by the United States.The facility was constructed in the deepest mine shaft in East Germany. The prison is so far underground that it is considered to be in international territory which allows Warden Nigel James to exercise certain jurisdictional freedoms.The temperatures in the facility can exceed 210° when it is not artificially cooled to 68°.Prisoners in the facility are kept in an artificially induced REM sleep.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation

After being captured during the Nanomites Wars Cobra Commander and Destro were incarcerated in the facility. Zartan tortured the President of the United States in order to discover that Cobra Commander was being held in the Einsargen Subterranean Prison. Storm Shadow and Firefly broke into the prison to liberate Cobra Commander which resulted in the facility being heavily damaged and most of the personnel, including the warden, were killed.


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