Elwyn Jones is a politician from the Action Force weekly series.
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Elwyn Jones was the Member of Parliament for Llatwon in south Wales and one of the fiercest critics of Action Force.


Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Jones was regularly critical of Action Force in both the House of Commons and the media, calling for the team to be disbanded. When Action Force blundered into a set-up and attacked an oil rig legally owned by Destro and were captured[1] Jones went on the airwaves and attacked the group relentlessly. He argued that the public had no clear idea about Action Force's activities, that the team was not responsible to anyone and routinely broke the law. He further argued that if Action Force were as law abiding as they claim, they would not attempt to escape the rig but would instead await the full process of the law. If, however, they did stage a jailbreak it would confirm his accusations. Although Trent ordered the Action Force members at large against any rescue attempt, Quick Kick made one anyway, freeing the team but in the process it was now confined and discredited in the public eye.[2]

Despite this Action Force continued to undertake a few covert operations. In one of them they prevented Cobra from kidnapping the first ever ambassador for Ishmali to the United Kingdom in order to discredit the west and make it easier to purchase oil. In the process a police motorcyclist was captured by Cobra[3] and he turned out to be Jones's son Reece.[4] Reece was rescued by Action Force and when Elwyn Jones was asked about Action Force by the media he simply stated "No comment."[5] Action Force were subsequently reinstated.


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