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Cobra Commander sends the Night-Creepers on a mission to assassinate Storm Shadow.

Detailed summary

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Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Others
  • Darnel (7)
  • Doorman (10)
  • Eltron (5)
  • Eltron's crony (6)
  • Sioban O'Hara (13)

Memorable quotes

"You mess with me I'll just put a mean hurt on you... but you mess with m'man over here, he's gonna break your mama's hearts! catch my drift?"

--Never doubt that Stalker is one bad mutha!

Other notes


  • In Stalker's quote above, the dialogue should read "your mamas' hearts," not "your mama's hearts."

Items of note

  • First Appearances: Aleph and the Night-Creepers
  • Cobra Commander's uniform looks black in this issue.
  • The "blind" man Storm Shadow gives money to comments on his costume.
  • Storm Shadow's water tower is the same one he was training Billy in back in G.I. Joe #44.
  • Aleph isn't the only Night-Creeper with a name. There's also:
    • Gimmel
    • Daleth
    • Teth
    • Kaph
    • Resh
    • Shin
    • Taw
  • Final appearance of Sioban O'Hara - she isn't even mentioned in Scarlett: Declassified.
  • On the letters page, Hama answers a question about Sioban: specifically, that Scarlett's filecard mentioned three brothers, but no sisters. Hama chalks it up to Cobra disinformation.

Real-world references

  • All the Night-Creepers' names are taken from letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Are they Jewish ninjas?

Footnotes and References

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