It's peril at the pueblo when the G.I. Joe team scrambles to defuse a bomb fired at them by Cobra forces, then the only way Tripwire can save his own life is to save the life of Cobra Commander himself!

—Back of the packaging.

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At a remote Southwestern testing site, Tripwire finds a Cobra rocket trapped in an experimental stasis field. Duke calmly explains that the missile cannot move as he, Tripwire, and Heavy Duty head inside a pueblo.

A frustrated Cobra Commander spies on the site from his Cobra RV and wants to know what happened to their rocket as Dr. Mindbender and Destro surmise the truth. Destro warns Cobra Commander that he should not be sticking his head outside unprotected when the Commander reminds Destro he is wearing his new battle helmet beneath the cowl.

Inside the pueblo, Spirit and Mainframe analyze the Cobra missile and determine they have a few minutes to defuse it. Duke sends Tripwire back out to disarm the warhead as Mainframe spots the spying Cobras.

Destro and Cobra Commander hope Mindbender didn't install the self-destruct mechanism into the new battle helmet, even though Mindbender did.

Hoping to easily disarm the trigger on the warhead, Mainframe lets out a low end EM pulse. This does nothing to the rocket but does initiate the countdown on Cobra Commander's battle helmet!

Baroness takes off in her H.I.S.S. towards the pueblo, hoping to knock the Cobra missile through the stasis field. She fires on the field, doing nothing except scaring Tripwire. Duke decides they need to counterattack, but in order to do so, they must lift the stasis field off the ground.

Destro determines that the only man capable of defusing Cobra Commander's battle helmet is Tripwire.

The Joes succeed in lifting a portion of the stasis field, which actually makes Tripwire's job a bit harder. Before he can finish, however, Destro flies by in a F.A.N.G. and abducts him. Spirit rushes to finish the work on the rocket, but isn't sure which wire to cut.

Back at the Cobra RV, Tripwire is handcuffed to Cobra Commander. Tripwire and the Cobras find they have precious little time left before the battle helmet detonates. The RV drives up to the pueblo when Tripwire runs out, dragging Cobra Commander behind him. He tells Mainframe to help him and Spirit to cut the red wire. Spirit disarms the warhead and Mainframe resets the stasis field to lie just above Cobra Commander's skull.

The battle helmet detonates, but thanks to the stasis field, Cobra Commander is spared. The Cobras run off after Destro shoots apart the handcuffs connecting Tripwire and Cobra Commander. Unfortunately, the stasis field generator is destroyed. Mainframe says the hardware isn't quite ready yet.

In the escaping Cobra RV, Dr. Mindbender says he can develop a counter technology to the stasis field.


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