Snake-Eyes faces a new future as he undergoes an operation to have his face repaired but it may turn out to be a bleak one as the Baroness comes after him for some unknown vendetta.

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Flashback

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  • In G.I. Joe #26, Stalker had to go through old military records to learn that Tommy's "unpronounceable last name" translated as "Storm Shadow," yet in this flashback, he casually refers to him by that name.
  • When Li'l Baroness opens the door to find her brother dead, her speech balloon is not colored in.

Items of note

GJ MC094a

Unused original cover.

  • Part one of the Snake-Eyes trilogy.
  • The cover of this issue is drastically different than the one previewed at the end of last issue.
  • The Baroness' brother Eugen is killed, and she assumes Snake-Eyes killed him.
  • The Baroness' name is first revealed, Anastastia DeCobray.[1]
  • Scarlett is shot in the head by the Baroness.
  • On the letters page, one writer explains the use of computer modems, BBS's and personal "handles." What a strange concept!

Real-world references

  • The Vietnam flashbacks take place during the Tet Offensive, and Snake-Eyes passes by real situations the soldiers faced.
  • "Uncle Sugar" is slang for the US, and the government unfortunately did indeed abandon many P.O.W.s when the military pulled out.
  • On the letters page, one writer signs off as "Duce," prompting the editor to quip, "weren't you last seen hanging around a gas station in Milan?" - a reference to the desecration of Mussolini's body, and his nickname (Il Duce).

Footnotes and References

  1. "DeCobray" would later be revealed as an alias, and her real last name as "Cisarovna."

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