Wild Bill, Maverick, and Crazylegs, along with Zarana, Monkeywrench and Thrasher, crash land a plane full of refugees in Sierra Gordo. Destro is playing both sides of the Sierra Gordo civil war.

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Over the jungles of Sierra Gordo, the Joes' plane with Sierra Gordan refugees has been hijacked by the Dreadnoks and is crash landing. In the cargo bay, Crazylegs has the refugees strap themselves to their seats to assume crash positions. When the plane loses its left wing, Crazylegs has to save a kid who wasn't strapped, and Thrasher falls face-first on the plane's controls, which knocks him out. After the crash, Crazylegs goes to check the front seat to see if Wild Bill and Maverick are alright.

Meanwhile, in Rio Lindo, capital of Sierra Gordo, Destro and his Sergeant Major reunite with General Villavaca and Chip Goodfellow, who tell him about the incriminating documents that ambassador Winthrop has, and then pay Destro with a briefcase of hundred dollar bills to follow Winthrop and the Joes guarding him in his helicopter and blow them all up.

Deep in the jungle, a conversation between Hawk and El Jefe of the counter-revolutionaries has Winthrop deduce that the G.I. Joe team has been supplying and advising the counter-revolutionaries, which he intends to investigate upon returning to the States. Later, they reach the house of Ernesto, the only one who can lead them to the border and avoid the Villavaca patrols that are combing the jungle. The house turns out to be full of Villavaca troops that killed Ernesto days ago. Winthrop gets hurt and Roadblock gives cover fire to allow Hawk and El Jefe to finish the troops with grenades, but one trooper sent a radio message before the grenades got him.

Outside, Lieutenant Montoya calls General Villavaca to tell him that they have Winthrop and the Joes surrounded, so Villavaca orders them to attack at once and radioes the coordinates to Destro. The Joes still have some advantage as Montoya's troops are charging across open ground, but all seems lost when Destro's helicopter arrives. Surprisingly, Destro shoots at Montoya's troops and, after landing, offers his weaponry to El Jefe.

Elsewhere, Crazylegs unstraps Wild Bill and has Maverick help him with the others. Wild Bill takes the compass before they leave the plane, and Monkeywrench and Zarana carry the knocked-out Thrasher. They all manage to leave the plane before it explodes, and the three Joes, three Dreadnoks and a load of refugees must walk out of Sierra Gordo.


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G.I. Joe Dreadnoks Civilians Iron Grenadiers Sierra Gordanians
  • Counter-revolutionaries (12)
  • El Jefe (17)
  • General Villavaca (10)
  • Lt. Montoya (20)
  • Old Ernesto (19)
  • Political refugees (6)
  • Villavaca's troops (18)

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