Farouk is a Cobra character from the Action Force weekly series.
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Farouk was head of Cobra operations in Casablanca, Morocco and a business partner of Destro's.


Action Force (British) Comics continuity

When Destro was young and serving as his father's apprentice he ran guns for Arabs and first met Farouk. The two would remain in contact and serve as business partners but not meet again for many years.[1]

Farouk came to the attention of Action Force when he contacted them about defecting. He met with Lady Jaye in the marketplace in Casablanca but suddenly a snake-charmer raised his pipe and blew a dart that hit Farouk in the neck. He told Lady Jaye he had been poisoned and imparted information that Cobra had taken over the Argent Corporation oil rig in the North Sea and intended to destroy it with all on board!.[2] Action Force launched a rescue mission only to discover that they had been set up as the rig was legally owned by Destro who told them they had engaged in an unprovoked illegal attack.[3] As a result of the incident Action Force was temporarily discredited in the public eye.[4] Destro subsequently visited Casablanca and met with a very alive Farouk who had faked his death in order to supply disinformation. The two discussed good business motives and Destro boasted that he was a powerful restraining force on Cobra Commander, preventing the latter's ambition from becoming too dangerous.[5]

Some months later Destro received a telegram summoning him to Casablanca on urgent business but upon arrival he was viciously attacked and temporarily lost his memory.[6] He slowly recovered it with the aid of a young woman called Jenna, but she was killed when Cobra Troopers came searching for Destro. An angry Destro recovered his memory and realised he had been set up by Farouk.[7] He stormed the latter's office and confronted Farouk. Farouk admitted his plot and explained that Destro was always been proud of being a restraining force on Cobra Commander, but Farouk intended to help him "sweep forward to our destiny..." Destro responded that such a path would lead "to oblivion!" as he considered Cobra Commander to be a psychopath and if he tried to achieve world domination he would just tear Cobra to shreds, whereas by proceeding slowly Cobra will gradually take things over. Farouk noted that this way means Destro gets greater profits from arms sales. He pulled a gun on Destro but the latter broke Farouk's cane and threw the sharp half at him, killing him instantly.[8]

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