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Fast Draw is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity
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Devil's Due Comics continuity
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Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Fast Draw was part of an infiltration team who recaptured an Arabian oil terminal from Cobra and prevented it from being exploded to ignite the oil fields.[1]


Generation 1
Fast Draw A Real American Hero (1987)

Fast Draw was first released in 1987. He was also sold in 1988 and was discontinued domestically in 1989. In 1993, Fast Draw (without his usual accessories) was packaged in the Rapid Deployment Force mailaway offer.

Appearance: red helmet with green chinstrap; green shirt and pants; grey padded vest, leggings, and boots; blue backpack straps and belt; red gloves and kneepads

Accessories: red face shield with silver visor; light blue segmented airtube; olive-green missile launcher backpack with hole for airtube; 2 white gun-shaped activators; two white short-finned missiles; two standard long, black hoses.

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  • Named for Marvel Comics artist Eliot R. Brown.
  • Fast Draw's FAFNIR weapons system (that technically means "Fire and Forget Non-tube-launched Infantry Rocket") gets its name from Norse mythology.
  • Though his 1987 filecard mentions Cobra Stuns, Larry Hama's original name-checked the more familiar H.I.S.S.
  • His code name cames from the fact that he sees himself as an "old-west gunfighter".

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