Filecards are printed inserts or attachments that came with most G.I. Joe action figures. It is the profile information of the character. The trend for filecards started with the A Real American Hero series. For vehicles and playsets, the equivalent insert would be the blueprint.

Originally, G.I. Joe comics writer Larry Hama created "dossiers" as a way to keep track of the characters he would be writing. As fate would have it, representatives from Hasbro saw these "dossiers" and figured they would be an additional attraction to the action figures' blister packs.[1]

Over the years, the file card has evolved, although rather subtly, but they generally contain the following information:

  • a picture
  • indication of allegiance
  • code name of the character
  • function
  • File name, the real name of the character
  • SN, his/her security number
  • Primary military specialty
  • Secondary military specialty
  • Birthplace
  • Rank grade
  • A paragraph detailing the background of the character such as his/her education, upbringing, training
  • A quote from an unidentified source, usually giving us an idea of the character's personality


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