In these books, the actions that you choose
determine if the Joes win or lose

From 1985 to 1987, The Ballantine/Young Adult division of Random House Inc. released a Find Your Fate book series featuring twenty adventures of the G.I. Joe Team in battles with the nefarious Cobra Organization over the fate of the World, with the reader playing a decisive character who's decisions made during the story effects its outcome.

Instead of being stuck in a story that is told in linear fashion from beginning to end, the reader could change how the story progresses at various points by the decisions made from the options found at the bottom of a certain page when it becomes time to make the decision. Thus, the same story could be read many times over with each variation being explored everytime the story is read.

  1. Operation: Star Raider by Eric Affabee
  2. Operation: Dragon Fire by William Sno
  3. Operation: Terror Trap by G.V. Macrae
  4. Operation: Robot Assassin by William & Megan Stine
  5. The Everglades Swamp Terror by Eric Affabee
  6. Operation: Death Stone by Barbara & Scott Siegel
  7. Operation: Deadly Decoy by R.L. Stine
  8. Operation: Death Ray by Megan & H. William Stine
  9. Operation: Mindbender by R.L. Stine
  10. Operation: Night Flight by William Sno
  11. Operation: Weapons Disaster by James Ward
  12. Operation: Jungle Doom by Lynn Beach
  13. Operation: Snow Job by Barbara & Scott Siegel
  14. Operation: Thunderbolt by K.C. Edwards
  15. Operation: Time Machine by Lynn Beach
  16. Operation: Poison Dart by Megan & H. William Stine
  17. Operation: Sink or Swim by Barbara & Scott Siegel
  18. Operation: Killer Comet by S.M. Ballard
  19. Operation: Tiger Strike by William Sno
  20. Serpentor and the Mummy Warrior by R.L. Stine
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