The name Firefly refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Firefly.

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Firefly is pyromaniac who works in the service of Cobra.


This verson of Firefly is a pyromaniac who see his destruction as a religious act and an art. He uses a large of array of explosives, like is original counterpart, but in this verson favors custom made incendiary grenades.

His custom incendiaries mostly resemble that of a signal flare stick, and small grey charges. He has also shown an increased skill in espionage and infiltration, as he is able to sneak up on the Joes while they are preparing to blow the bridge. He has also displayed ninja like qualities; being able to dodge/survive his on incendiary flare being thrown back at him by snake eyes, and sneaking aboard the plane the Joes were using.


Firefly Renegades 2011 30th Anniversary Wave 2

Firefly was available carded in the 2011 series of Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: gray mask revealing eyes and nose; dark grey jacket with light gray shoulders and red trim; black bandolier with brown pouches; black belt, gray pants with light gray kneepads, grey boots.

Accessories: silver machete with gray handle, grey grenade launcher, grey rifle, black radio detonator, grey mortar shell with black tip, black display stand. page/Filecard


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