The name Firefly refers to several versions of the same character.
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Firefly is a G.I. Joe character from the Sigma 6 series. Yeah, we know he turned out to be a weasely Cobra traitor.
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Animated continuity

Voiced by Sean Schemmel.

Firefly's unmasked face.

Firefly has a major role in the cartoon, joining the G.I. Joe Team at the beginning of the second season. Throughout the first half of the season, it is hinted that there is a spy amongst the Joes. This is eventually revealed to be Firefly, who traps the team and turns them over to Cobra. Lt. Stone, Firefly's former commander, attempts to convince him it is not too late to side with the Joes, but Firefly is insulted by the offer. He shaves his head as a sign of his loyalty to Cobra, and after a climatic battle with Lt. Stone, leaves with Cobra Commander.

In episode 25, "Ice", Firefly reappears, wearing a costume reminiscent of both his Sigma 6 suit and his ARAH appearance. In the episode, he defeats and captures Snake-Eyes.

In the 26th and last episode "Assault", Firefly fights Stone again and is defeated.


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