|BriefSynopsis=Flint visits his cousin, who lives in an experimental community, and discovers that Cobra has brainwashed the population through television to work at a secret underwater base.



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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian
  • Flint's red convertible
  • Jeep
  • Patrol car


|Glitches1=*When Flint calls Lady Jaye from his cousin's house, an establishing shot shows his car parked outside the house. The animators use an earlier shot from when Flint originally pulled up to the house so you see him sitting in the car while he's actually inside the house using the phone.

|Errors1=*The Joe W.H.A.L.E. apparently has unbelievable vertical thrusters; a Cobra Moray shoots a torpedo at it and it jumps straight up into the air and hovers there while the torpedo scoots on by.

  • The G.I. Joe team would have no clue that Cobra's undersea base is in Pleasant Cove save for the fact that when Cobra Commander makes his ultimatum to the world, the cameraman not only focuses on Flint walking behind the Commander, it then pans to follow Flint as he walks away.
  • Cobra Commander does not use the television hypnosis programming when he broadcasts his threat. However, it is possible that there are limits to the power and/or range that a person can be hypnotized. The computer program was used in a limited area where Cobra had total control of the media, wide scale use may have been impractical.

|ItemsOfNote1=*Flint drives the same car here he did in "The Gamesmaster."

  • As in the episode "The Gamesmaster", Flint apparently likes to wear his ranger beret out in public when he's on leave.
  • Breaker spends the entire episode popping bubbles with his gum, one of the few times the animated series references the comic book.
  • In a scene that was storyboarded but never animated, right after the sequence where Cobra Commander makes his ultimatum and she sees Flint in the background, Lady Jaye calls Flint's cousin Ted to find out what happened to Flint. When he answers, a brainwashed Ted says that he hasn't spoken to Flint in months. When Lady Jaye tells him that she spoke to Flint the night before from a phone in his house, Ted hangs up on her, confirming her suspicions that Pleasant Cove is the nerve center of the Cobra operation.


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