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The name or term Fred refers to more than one character or object. For a list of other uses, see Fred.
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Fred Broca (codename: Smith) was a Crimson Guardsman and the original of the "Fred" series of identical Cobra agents.



A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

Cobra Commander developed a new elite trooper—the Crimson Guard who would infiltrate society and commerce with the aim of rising high in politics.[1] Each of the troopers underwent plastic surgery so that they would all look identical and all took the name "Fred".[citation needed] The original, Fred Broca, was dispatched from Springfield together with his wife and children, Sean and Heather. Broca took residence in a house at the entrance of Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, with the task of observing the base in the hope of locating the G.I. Joe team's secret base, the Pit. However he often missed Joe equipment entering and leaving the base due to being distracted by phone calls from Cobra Commander.[2][3]

Broca was subsequently commandeered by Destro and Firefly to investigate Joe activity in the High Sierras. They located the remote mountain cabin of Snake-Eyes and attacked him and fellow Joes Spirit and Airborne. In the battle Firefly blew up the cabin and all the combatants were knocked out by the blast. Broca was also shot several times.[3] The Cobra agents recovered and withdrew when the Soft Master arrived, but Broca wanted to return and finish off the Joes. He deserted from the others and returned, despite losing blood heavily from his wounds. But on arriving at the ruins of the cabin he was confronted by the Soft Master who told him he would be merely committing murder and it would be unsatisfying. The will for revenge deserted Broca and he succumbed to his injuries.

After Broca's death an identical Fred was despatched to Staten Island to take his place.[4] Broca's children immediately knew he wasn't their father but were not told the reason for the change.[5]

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