The 40th anniversary of the original G.I. Joe was commemorated with a series of action figures that are done as faithful reproductions of the originals.

40th Anniversary reproductions

Starting in 2003, Hasbro began releasing large boxed sets that contained both a boxed figure, and a large or small window boxed related outfit set Some sets came with a few carded accessories instead of a window box set. One soldier footlocker set was released; the large outer box has a diagonal stripe with "Timeless Collection" as did all 40th Anniversary sets. The 40th packaging was almost identical to the original items, with the addition of "Anniversary Edition" to all boxes, and "40th" imprinted on all plastic items to clearly distinguish them from original items. All literature and boxes contain the amended copyright "© 1964,2003 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02862 USA." These sets typically retailed for around $30 U.S. There were 23 general release sets all together; numbered 1-21, and 30. Others numbered between 22 and 29 have been released through collector clubs at premium prices (23; Combat Soldier, and 25; Pilot Dress Parade) since the general releases were cancelled. The figures were generally available in all Blonde, Black, Brown and Auburn hair variants, with the appropriate eye colors. A few sets came with American-ethnic variants. The body itself is simply the Timeless Collection, with a revised copyright, skin tone and head mold.


    wave 1
          Series 1    Soldier Combat 
          Series 2     Sailor Scuba 
          Series 3     Marine Communications 
          Series 4     Pilot Survival 
          Series n/a  Soldier Footlocker (Target) 
    wave 2
          Series 5   Soldier Military Police    
          Series 6    Soldier 3 Accessory Packs     
          Series 7    Sailor Navy Attack                                             
          Series 8    Marine Beachhead                                             
          Series 9    Marine Medic (Wal-Mart) 
     wave      1.1 
          Series 10  Soldier Combat Field  
          Series 12  Pilot Scamble Equipment                                             
          Series 13  Pilot Scramble Helmet, Pack, Vest                                
          Series 11 Marine Dress Parade                                              
          Series 12  Pilot Scramble Equipment                                             
          Series 13  Pilot Scramble Helmet, Pack, Vest 
    wave 2
          Series 14 Soldier Command Post Communication 
          Series 15 Sailor Shore Patrol 
          Series 16 Sailor Shore Patrol Small Arms   
          Series 17 Marine Beachhead Assault 
    wave 3
          Series 18 Soldier Bivouac Tent 
          Series 19 Pilot Crash Crew 
          Series 20 Marine Paratrooper Jumping
          Series 21 Marine Helmet/Flags/Camo/Basics                                            
    wave 4
          Series 22 Soldier Bivouac Sleeping Bag 
          Series 23 Soldier Combat Helmet/Rifle/Pack/Jacket 
          Series 24 Sailor Navy Attack  Helmet/Vest/Ring/Paddles 
          Series 25 Pilot Dress Uniform 
    wave 5
          Series 26 Soldier Ski Patrol 
          Series 27 Soldier Ski Patrol Helmet/Mess/Sleeping Bag 
          Series 28 Sailor Breeches Buoy 
          Series 29 Pilot Air Sea Rescue 
          Series 30 Soldier Mountain Troops (JCPenney)                                              
          Series 25 Air Force Dress Uniform                                            
          Series 23 Soldier Field Equipment    

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