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In 1991, Impel released a set of trading cards based on G.I. Joe. The cards were released in cases of 36 packs, each containing 12 cards. The complete set consisted of 200 cards. The majority of the set covered characters, vehicles, and equipment. Other cards featured cover art for and synopses of various issues of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe: Special Missions. The final two cards were checklists. A complete set of cards was available in a box designed to look like a footlocker. A mail-in promotion for a special binder was printed on the card packs.

Aside from the reprinted covers, all art was original to the set. While aligned with the comic continuity, the set also included material not revealed by Marvel, including the fates of Cobra-La and Crystal Ball.

Checklist 1

Patrols Eco-Warriors

Rank & File

Original Joe Team

Battle Gear

Special Missions

Checklist 2

1991 Recruits

Patrols Sonic Fighters

Patrols Super Sonic Fighters

Famous Battles'

Honor Roll


  • The card set follows Larry Hama's identification of the Cobra Trooper and Viper as the same characters.
  • The V.A.M.P. card actually describes the V.A.M.P. Mark II.
  • This is the only Marvel Comics-related appearance of the Cobra-La characters.
  • Crystal Ball is revealed to be a native of Cobra-La. O-kayyyyy.

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