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IDW's Infestation event continues here in this bi-weekly two-part G.I. Joe tale! A robotic arm of unknown origin has been discovered and both the Joes and Cobra race to discover its secrets. Little do the two sides know that the arm has its own agenda - assimilating the world's military technology into the Infestation fold! A secret underwater Cobra base full of B.A.T.S. sounds like the perfect place to start!

—The description as originally solicited by IDW Publishing.

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Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra

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Items of note

  • First appearance: Dolphin, Hound, Psyche-Out; Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Zych; Cobra Research and Development Facility 4 - Codename: Cottonmouth.
  • Death of Dolphin and Hound.
  • Psyche-Out's MOC is Psychological Warfare.
  • The B.A.Ts still have the FoF Identification glitch.[1]
  • The Joes already know about the virus.[2] That is why they were traveling on a simple, low-tech sailboat.

Real-world references

  • Hound says his night-vision goggles are no more complex than the ones used by drug dealers in downtown Los Angeles.

G.I. Joe references

  • The image on Cover A features a zombie-fied version of the art from vintage G.I. Joe packaging.

Infestation info

In a different dimension, a zombie hive-mind takes over the body of a covert vampiric soldier codenamed Britt. Aiming to spread the zombie apocalypse to all dimensions using magically enhanced technology, Britt is able to open portals to four different dimensions before she is stopped. To what extent, and in what form, the Infestation has spread to these four dimensions remains to be seen...

—Inside front cover.

  • This issue is part of IDW's "Infestation" Crossover. The crossover involves a central bookend series, plus G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers and Ghostbusters.

Footnotes and References

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