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The Cobra Civil War takes no prisoners! The recently captured submarine cruiser, The Tuna is under a cyber-attack that could send it to the bottom of the sea with a full crew of Joes aboard! And Flint and Team Alpha are on the run with the Baroness their captive. And their only sanctuary may just be the deadliest place on Earth for the Joes: Springfield.

—The description as originally solicited by IDW Publishing.

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G.I. Joe Cobra

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  • If the Joe on the helicopter wearing the helmet that reads "P-Face" is supposed to be Pokerface, he lost his big mustache since last issue.

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Real-world references

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  • The retailer incentive cover homages Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, although the cover misrepresents the story.
  • Go-Mart is a convenience store chain centered in West Virginia, suggesting a possible location for Springfield.
  • Pep Boys is a national automotive supply store - but there are none in West Virginia. There goes that idea!
  • Hard Drive calls Baroness "Cruella."

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