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Ripcord joins the series as he leads Scarlett and a team of Fobbits on a jump to a faraway tropical island. But it's no day at the beach because Cobra owns this little slice of paradise and means to keep it. Also, Shipwreck and his crew of pirates in action against the Dreadnaught; Cobra's gigantic submarine-cruiser. It's a perfect storm of action and suspense!

—The description as originally solicited by IDW Publishing.

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G.I. Joe Cobra

Memorable quotes

"No one here. No one's been here since Bush was president."
"Bush forty one."

--Brainstorm and Scarlet were hoping for a bit more action, apparently.

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Items of note

  • First appearance: Keel-Haul, Wet-Suit.
  • The issue solicitation gives a name to the large Cobra submarine: The Dreadnaught.[1]

Real-world references

Footnotes and References

  1. The real word is spelt "dreadnought." It's unclear whether this is a typo, or a change made to make the vehicle's name unique.

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