G.I. Joe is a highly trained Secret-Ops team composed of men and women from around the globe. They're the first and last line of defense against forces that seek to plunge the world into chaos. Wherever there's trouble, G.I. Joe is there.


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In this movie, the G.I. Joe is an acronym for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity. It is an international force using advanced technology. The team's base is in Egypt.


The history of the G.I. Joe Team is uncertain except for the following:

  • The G.I. Joe Team technically doesn't exist. But if it did, it would be composed of the top men and women from the top military units in the world.
  • The main headquarters of the G.I. Joe Team is located beneath the desert of Egypt. The HQ is simply called "The Pit".

When G.I. Joe first started, 10 nations signed on with them in the first year. They work together and share intel. Currently 23 nations have signed on with G.I. Joe.[1]

It's uncertain which nations have signed on with G.I. Joe except for the United States of America. Certain members that are part of the G.I. Joe Team can confirm or predict which nations are part of the G.I. Joe Team.

  • Hawk, Joe Colton, Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Cover Girl, Sgt. Stone, Ripcord, Flint, Lady Jaye and Roadblock - The United States of America
  • Heavy Duty - The United Kingdom
  • Breaker - Morocco
  • Jinx - Japan

Other possible nations that could have signed on with the G.I. Joe Team would be members of NATO: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France (unlikely), Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and/or Turkey.[2]

Two defectors from Cobra were Ana Lewis and Storm Shadow

Duke and Ripcord first encounter the G.I. Joes when most of their own squad is taken out during a mission to protect a case containing nanomite warheads. The Joes rescue them and although they try to take over the mission, Duke insists upon retaining control of the case, as it is his mission. Later, he manages to talk his way onto the team along with Ripcord by providing information on the Baroness, a woman he was once engaged to and that he knew as Ana Lewis. The two then successfully pass the training required to be proper members of G.I. Joe and join the group in thwarting the ambitions of Cobra.G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Sometime after this, Duke rises through the ranks and becomes the leader of an elite G.I. Joe team. Serving under him are Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Flint, Mouse and Snake Eyes. During a mission to secure nuclear warheads in Pakistan, both Mouse and Duke are taken out an airstrike orchestrated by Zartan, who has secretly replaced the President of the United States. Roadblock then takes over the team and he and the remaining members, with the help of the original founder of the G.I. Joes: General Joe Colton, work to thwart a new threat from Cobra known as Project Zeus.G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Known Roster

The G.I. Joe Team as depicted in the ending of The Rise of Cobra





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