The G.I. Joe vol. 3 trade paperback book collects ten issues of the G.I. Joe comic.

Issues collected

Items of note

  • From March to December 1983 General Tomahawk received identical monthly memos from the President of the United States regarding Special Counter Terrorist Group Delta. These memos were printed in the background of the cover to each issue. It is not clear who "General Tomahawk" is. In the real word, the character "Hawk" was renamed "Tomahawk" by Hasbro, but that wouldn't apply to the comics where "Hawk" was still "Hawk" and was a Colonel in 1983.
  • Character profiles for Snake-Eyes, Cobra Commander, Destro, and Storm Shadow are included.
  • A page omitted from G.I. Joe vol. 2 was printed on the last page of this volume.
  • Snake-Eyes does not yet use the uniform he has on the cover in any of these issues.
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