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General Flagg is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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James Longstreet Flagg III is the son of Gen. Lawrence Flagg was released as part of the "A Real American Hero" toyline in 1992.James Longstreet Flagg III, born in Alexandria, Virginia, is the son of General Lawrence Flagg. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, and in a short time, he is able to rise up to the rank of Brigadier General.The figure was repainted and released as part of the "Battle Corps" line in 1993,and both figures came with an armored catapult that actually could shoot small projectiles.

According to his filecard, he always liked to be "in the thick of it" instead of shouting orders from a comfortable position. When leading his troops into a fight, he needs "devastating personal weapons", which is why he prefers the G.I. Joe "Brawler" vehicle. His strategies on battlefield have twice earned him the medal of valor and countless decorations, as he carries on his family's proud military tradition. His personal motto is: "I didn't reach the rank of general by standing in the shadows. I got out and earned it on the front lines".

He currently holds an honorary position with the G.I. Joe Team, though his primary role tends to be behind the scenes, warding off any machinations of administrators who would interfere with G.I. Joe operations. In the few instances that have called for it though, General Flagg has demonstrated the tenacity and character of his father, risking his neck alongside the men and women he's leading


A Real American Hero continuity

In the comics from the Marvel G.I.Joe continued in the G.I.Joe Devil's Due comics he was the original son of the General Flagg Sr when his father was killed by Major Bludd during time General Hawk was still a Colonel who becomes O7 Brigadier General when the Original Flagg was killed and General Austin suffering a heart attack... Flagg Jr easily got promotion due to his expertise in battlefield and he was young at age to achieve the Rank of Brigadier General O-7 1 star. Hawk was O8 Major General 2 stars during that time who was injured from his back putting him in a coma when he awoke he was sitting in a wheel chair for a short period, shot by Zartan disguise as Cobra Commander still up-ranking Flagg Jr when introduced.

A Real American Hero continuity - Devil's Due

Son of the Original General Flagg

Son of the original General Lawrence J. Flagg

His only appearance in comics continuity was in the World War III event, from the G.I. Joe: America's Elite comic book series. He is shown in the full G.I. Joe character roster on the cover of issue #25, along his deceased father.


Generation 1
General Flagg 1992 A Real American Hero (1992)

General Flagg was available carded as part of the 1992 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: brown hair; brown jacket with yellow collar and cuffs; black belt and gloves; light green pants with black boots

Accessories: brown officer's cap with eagle on front; black rifle with grenade launcher, ribbed grip, long magazine, and very short scope; three-piece light green bomb catapult (base, arm, and black switch); large, black bomb with fins and slot for catapult; rubber band for catapult; black figure stand. page/Filecard

General Flagg 1993 Battle Corps (1993)

General Flagg was available as figure #26 in the Battle Corps subset of 1993 Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: brown hair; black jacket with yellow collar and cuffs; grey belt and gloves; light green pants with black boots

Accessories: brown officer's cap; black rifle; light green catapult with rubber band and black bomb; black figure stand. page/Filecard


  • This General Flagg, the first to receive an action figure, is actually the son of the General Flagg who appeared in the early issues of the Marvel comic.
  • In The G.I. Joe club subscription Fss 5.0 2016-2017 he received a modern figure based on his black jacket figure 1993 design instead of being Brigadier General O7 1 star he was given Major General O8 2 Star for his update figure.

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