George Landisburg is a character from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.
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George Landisburg is a Hollywood movie director.


Animated continuity - Sunbow

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Landisburg was making a movie about the Joe/Cobra conflict, but was not happy with the quality of the props available. He demanded (and received!) actual Joe and Cobra vehicles and weapons to use in filming, along with a contingent of Joes as technical advisers. Unfortunately, one of the Cobra vehicles was a Firebat equipped with a homing device that could lead back to Cobra headquarters. This led to an infiltration by Zartan and the Dreadnoks that culminated in a full on battle raging across the studio. Landisburg managed to film the events and incorporate them into his movie. At the premiere, he thanked some special people for the cooperation and support that made it all possible. The Joes looked pleased until he revealed that he was referring to his mom and dad.Lights! Camera! Cobra!

He enountered the Dreadnoks again when Cobra came up with a plot to use the mercenaries as a rockband who played a hypnotizing song to lure people, inadvertently ensnaring three Joes in the process, to a stadium as hostages. Cold Slither


  • George Landisburg also appeared as a movie director in the Sunbow produced Inhumanoids cartoon, in the episode Primal Passions. The spelling of his name is taken from the script for that episode included on the Metrodome DVD release of that series.
  • An unnamed director with a similar personality, but a somewhat different character model, also appeared in the Transformers episode Hoist Goes Hollywood.
  • Hmmm ... looks like we may have another Hector Ramirez here.

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